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  • Fanotmes
  • A5 zine, 60 pages
  • Printed on 4 colors of copy paper and vellum
  • Includes a bookmark with instructions on how to cut the unopened pages
Including grainy and pixelated ghost drawings, spectral hospitality recommendations, a ghostly mixtape, a ghost story in the style of M.R.James and the written and visual work of 18 artists.

Including words, illustrations and photographs by Lizbeth Poirier, Mark Jarell, Devine Lu Linvega, Pers├ęphone, Helvetica Blanc, Marty Adem, Amazey, Emma D., Mike Wolf, Hellien, Cecil Fenn, Fey, James Chip, Alexa Jade Frankelis, Romi, Mark A. Matienzo, Blood and Dust and Jean-Yves.