Fanotmes Issue 2

  • A5 zine, 64 pages
  • Printed on 4 colors of copy paper and vellum
  • Including grainy ghost drawings, the history and remnants of the Milner Field Manor, a cursed victorian mansion, a ghostly mixtape, an essay on ghost lands in early 29th century literature and the written and visual work of 23 artists.

    Featuring words, illustrations and photographs by Lizbeth Poirier, Deianara, Teye Gerbracht, Aleco Julius, Grey Malkin, Robbie Porter, Hundred Rabbits, Cory Driscoll, Lexi Knott, Aodren, Sam Derby, Thomas Robertson, Jason Abdelhadi, Lia Vé, Fey, Oz Hardwick, Madeline, Amelia Wild, Ellie Weaver, Georges Parr, Bunty May Marshall, Josh Maybrook and Echo Echo.