• a5 stapled zine
  • black and white

Wassail is a game of hot drinks, ancient trees and ritual.

This game tasks players with heading out into a wooded area at night, finding the oldest tree and then performing a ritual to learn its secrets.

Before setting out players make a warm drink, called wassail, that is used as an offering to the oldest tree in the play area.

Players then perform a ritual and use a deck of Lenormand cards to discover the secret history of the trees.


This print version of the game, created for zine month, features a cover and illustrations by Lizbeth Poirier, an artist, designer and illustrator, goth druid, musician and craftsperson.

The zine will be printed in black and white on recycled paper.

The zine contains the full rules for the ritual, a basic recipe for a hot cider wassail and a brief introduction to reading Lenormand card pairs.

There is a digital version of this game available too, if you don't want a copy of the zine but do want to throw a little financial support my way you could always go over to my itch.io shop and buy the digital copy; or any of my other games.